An Endowment Fund to support projects for the education of children and youth, the training of teachers and lecturers, and to support

The purpose of the fund is financial support for programs and projects, especially education and upbringing according to the principles of John Amos Comenius, applied presently in the areas of:


  1. A) Education of pupils, students, teachers, parents and the public
  2. B) Creation and organization of educational programs and activities for children, youth and adults
  3. C) Establishment and development of schools, educational institutions and other organizations working with children and youth

We are founded on the philosophy of J.A. Comenius, who believed that all people should continually educate themselves. A person should acquire not only new information, but also understand his or her personality, observe his or her  motives, character, understand the environment in which he or she lives and work with it comprehensively. We believe that personal growth and development is possible at any age.

Education never ends, it is continuous.

"If a man were to learn every hour just one lesson of a science, just one rule of craftsmanship, just one charming story of history or a proverb (and that this can be done quite effortlessly is obvious), how great, I ask, would be the treasure of education?" John Amos Comenius

Jan Amos Komenský

According to Comenius, the education of a child has three main goals:

  • to know oneself and the world – education in sciences, arts and crafts
  • to master oneself – moral education
  • to rise to God – religious education

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